We are a Textile Design and Illustration Studio. We create unique prints and print collections for different sectors. Art is our great inspiration and we use the most varied artistic techniques: these are our work tools, allowing our designs to be unique and one of a kind, customized in order to meet each client’s expectations. We love to explore and work with watercolor, pastels, inks, kurecolor markers, and graphite, combine textures and explore trends to then rapport and digitalize the final piece.
Our studio is located in Buenos Aires, Argentina.


Mokita presents a vast portfolio of handmade prints that meet beauty, performance and cruise applications.

We project print collections for drapery, upholstery and multipurpose. We design paintings and hand painted murals. We suggest styles collections for bath accesories and bedding.

Our team is highly motivated to provide exceptional costumer experiences beign sure that great ideas make this world better.




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